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Susan Morris

A watercolor artist, Susan Morris focuses on finding beauty in the ordinary. She feels much of our society is too concerned with expecting things to be perfect and brand-spankin’-new in order to be of value. She is drawn to the shapes of things; wheels, gears, pulleys and shadows. She has a strong sense of composition and design, uses rich, bold color, dramatic lighting, and infuses the visual effects of texture in her art. Morris has won many awards in juried art shows and is a sought after instructor for workshops. Visit her website here.

John Deere Gear by Susan Morris 16.5 x 20 $740

"Driving the Wheels of Time" by Susan Morris 13x19.5 $560

"At Day's End" by Susan Morris 17.5x23.5 $880

"A Thin Slice of Time" by Susan Morris 19x7 $430