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Kim Corpany

An internationally celebrated sculptress and painter, her horses are so lifelike that they draw the viewer in, waiting to see it breathe, twitch an ear, and continue forward as it takes it’s next stride. As she says, “Every horse has a story to tell. I have the opportunity to help them to tell their stories…”

"Stardust" by Kim Corpany 14x8.5x18 $2400

"Arabian Knight" by Kim Corpany 11x14 $350

"Rush Hour Traffic" by Kim Corpany $450

"Litigation" by Kim Corpany 30x12x12 $3800

"Winds of Change" By Kim Corpany 7.5x15.5x19 $2700 Sold

"Cowboy Lawn Chair II" by Kim Corpany 11x14 $350

"Joy" by Kim Corpany 16x20 $450