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Diane Whitehead

“Animals are my muse…I am drawn to the natural beauty and coloring of an animal and am aware of how it must adapt to it’s surroundings…with such energy and emotion, it is difficult for me to ever tone down my color palette.”

Diane Whitehead is highly praised for her strong brushstrokes and bold use of color.  Her paintings are exhibited in top galleries throughout the west and her work has been featured in numerous publications. Diane frequently visits the national parks in the mountain west, gathering material and inspiration for her oil paintings.

"Whitetail I" by Diane Whitehead 24x24 $1800

"Cute Sniff Bear" by Diane Whitehead 20x20 $1200

"Aquabear" by Diane Whitehead Enquire for Details

"Run Buck Whitetail" by Diane Whitehead 30x20 $2200

"Whitetail II" by Diane Whitehead 24x24 $1800