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Amy Everhart

Amy Everhart’s art forcefully pulls the viewer into her paintings. Her use of color and texture work together with her sense of composition, creating a powerful attraction. One imagines her fully absorbed in her work, forgetting to eat or drink, as she translates what she sees and feels into paint on canvas. Her collectors love not only her painterly style, but the way she sees the world. In her own words:

I strive to reach beyond what my eye sees and paint the emotion of the moment. As that moment emerges beneath my brush, time and matter cease to exist, and I am pulled into a universe of light, shadow, color and energy, a universe of emotion where I am most at home.

"Winter's Colors" Oil by Amy Everhart $980

"The Lariat" Oil by Amy Everhart

"Aesha's Slipper" Oil by Amy Everhart

"Golden Fall" Oil by Amy Everhart $980

"Aspen Green" Oil by Amy Everhart $980