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Adam Winegar

Adam Winegar is the youngest of the three painting Winegar Brothers. Winegar believes that “In every scene in nature there is a moment that can be captured…that will inspire and amaze. It is that moment that I am trying to capture and express in my art.” His gorgeous landscapes, which brilliantly express those moments, are treasured by the casual collector for their beauty and color and by the serious aficionado for their composition, texture, and brushwork. This young artist is definitely one to watch.

"Wheat Field" by Adam Winegar 8x10 Oil $350

"Three Trees" by Adam Winegar 6x12 Oil $325

"Standing Guard" by Adam Winegar 12x16 Oil $600

"Poplar Highlights" by Adam Winegar 6x8 Oil $300

"Pathway" by Adam Winegar 9x12 Oil $375

"Mountain Valley" by Adam Winegar 12x24 Oil $825

"Local Farm" by Adam Winegar 20x30 Oil $1300

"Green River" by Adam Winegar 20x30 Oil $1300

"Dreary Day" by Adam Winegar 12x6 Oil $325